Boring physics lectures? Not with our animation department!

Today, as the world grapples with challenges surrounding affordable and safe energy, innovations in nuclear technology are gaining prominence.

In response to these needs, Enea, a leader in the Polish energy market, launched an extensive educational campaign centred on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). The objective of this initiative is not only to raise awareness about modern solutions in nuclear energy, but also to support the education of young talents who will shape this sector in the future.

In line with this educational mission, we present a 2-minute video explainer, produced in collaboration with Enea. In the animation, we elucidate an innovative and compact solution in nuclear energy, presenting complex technical concepts in an accessible and understandable manner. Witness firsthand that nuclear energy need not be daunting.

Press play and embark on a journey through the realm of modern technologies that hold the potential to revolutionise the future of energy.

Nuclear technology isn’t everything

For Enea, we also crafted a series  of 13 instructional videos, each guiding viewers through the intricacies of the Electronic Customer Service Office. In our animations, we cover  various system functionalities, demonstrating step-by-step processes for submitting instalment payment requests, obtaining extensions, or updating contact information. Our aim is to provide practical guidance that demystifies processes, facilitating Enea’s customers in utilising their services.

Creating 2D animations demands precision, as well as a profound understanding of the needs of both the customer and the end user. At JAMEL, we strive to deliver materials that not only inform, but also captivate the audience. Thanks to our collaboration with Enea, we once again underscored that a well-crafted user journey and top-notch execution are pivotal to effective communication with the customer.

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