Emotivve storytelling and impeccable video quality. Our video department has collaborated with the Norwegian company MOWI on numerous film productions, ranging from corporate videos to engaging employer branding campaigns.

Corporate films don’t have to be dull

This is a special client with whom we share not only values like trust and passion but also… sunrises! We make the most of our time on set, often venturing beyond the customer’s premises — kite surfing on the Hel Peninsula in autumn, dynamic scenes in urban theatres, or cruising in a new fire truck? Corporate films don’t have to be dull — they’re a perfect way to creatively showcase a brand’s key values.

What does kitesurfing have to do with recruitment?

For MOWI Poland, a leader in fish and seafood processing, we delved into the lives 

of their employees at the Business Support Center in Gdańsk. Three different personalities and characters who prove that you don’t have to give up your passions to fulfil your professional goals:

• Kasia – an energetic mum who loves to feel the wind of freedom on her face. At MOWI, she boldly ventures into “international waters” of sales; 

• Adrian – an active accountant at the beginning of his professional career. Thanks to the right infrastructure at work, he can maintain his active lifestyle;

• Agata – a gentle and reserved pottery enthusiast. In the finance department, she brings her attention to detail to a new level.

We’re talking about you!

Do job positions have a gender? That was a question we tackled while devising the strategy and script for MOWI’s employer branding campaign aimed at female employees.

MOWI is committed to gender equality and fostering the development of skills among all its staff. Hence, the campaign sought to inspire women to take bold steps, recognise their skills and talents, and consider applying for positions often unfairly stereotyped as male-dominated. 

During the production of the spot, we encountered exceptional women who embraced this professional challenge and excelled in their new roles! We shared the stories of resourceful warehouse worker Martyna and meticulous technical employee Adrianna, who prepares reports for the entire department. The film forms part of a broader internal campaign at MOWI, for which we also crafted the core concept and designed a series of posters. 

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