We’ve been hitting the marketing courts with our tennis campaigns since 2018! Our tennis journey began when professional tennis made a comeback to Sopot after years on the sidelines. 

It all started with our agency taking charge of promoting the inaugural editions of the BNP Paribas Sopot Open, followed by the BNP Paribas Polish Cup. Managing the social media presence of ATP tournaments and running PPC campaigns across social media and the Google network became our forte. With a skilled animation team, we also crafted captivating video intros for the tournaments. 

Over 300 print graphics files later (and not a single typo!)‍

In subsequent years, women’s professional tennis also made a grand return to Poland, with the launch of the BNP Paribas Warsaw Open in the heart of Warsaw. Our responsibilities went beyond digital campaigns this time. We were tasked with designing the branding for the WTA 250 tournament and preparing all advertising materials for online and offline campaigns. Our graphics wizards also decked out the entire tournament venue, delivering over 300 print graphics files with flawless precision. Not a single typo in sight. ;)

Video expands reach

Our tournament’s social media presence soared to new heights with our stellar video team. While we previously collaborated with the tournament organisers’  photographers, we doubled down on video coverage for this event. The BNP Paribas Warsaw Open is one of Poland’s premier tennis events, deserving top-notch visual coverage. Investing in video content proved to be a game-changer, reaching an audience of 104,000 more users compared to the previous year. From Instagram video posts to engaging stories, our real-time video content kept fans glued to their screens. Such timely content distribution is vital for sporting spectacles. 

Masters of social media moderation

Navigating social media profiles during live events is no small feat. These platforms are primary sources of event info for many fans. That’s why quick, informative responses to messages and comments are key. Every event is a living, breathing entity, demanding swift communication. There’s no room for convoluted sentences here. Throughout the tournament, we kept a watchful eye on Facebook and Instagram, ensuring any issues were promptly addressed. Needless to say, we’ve got a top-notch moderation team!

The game’s far from over

Our extensive experience collaborating with tennis tournaments has seen our responsibilities grow. As befits an agency from Gdańsk near Warsaw, we started our tennis collaboration in our home turf in Tri-City, gradually moving on to tournaments held in the capital. So, while we’re not quite ready to call it a “match point” just yet, rest assured, the game’s still very much on.

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