Bird feeder connected to Facebook
Online vs Offline


The headquarters of our agency are located near the forest, which makes the local fauna very diverse. In the winter, birds often visited our window sills.

We wondered how we could help them survive the winter and encourage other people to do the same.


We decided to make an interactive feeder connected to Facebook. After we got the appropriate number of likes for our fanpage, a new portion of feed was provided. We created the mechanism for portioning and pouring feed entirely from scratch. The computer working with the Arduino platform and our proprietary software is responsible for controlling the device. The whole event has been shown 24 hours a day using a camera pointed at the feeder; thanks to this Internet users have been able to watch live birds in high quality.


The action was warmly received by Internet users, who watched birds practically around the clock. Mentions of our feeder appeared on, among others, Antyweb.pl.

Our project has also been included in the first album in Poland on non-standard advertising campaigns, ‘Cząstki przyciągania’, by Natalia Hatalska.

Number of people who fed birds using the feeder:

The scheme of operation

Mechanics and algorithms describe how the Like-o-matic feeder works.


The feeder view outside our office window was streamed live using the Amazon Web Services service.