As part of the campaigns we conduct, we prepare the full scope of interactive forms as well as creative concepts to be rendered in traditional media.

Advertising films

Jamel produces attractive advertising spots designed for the Internet as well as to be used in internal presentations or as television adverts.


We design and program websites and intranet sites. We apply dedicated JAMEL CMS to our implementations or use Open Source software.

Social media

We draw up social media activities strategy, manage communication within social network profiles and program apps.


Attractively and effectively


We draw up the strategic concept of a campaign. Not only do we think what to do, but essentially – what is our purpose. We do our best to understand the needs of a brand and the context of its communication. By that, we are able to suggest ideas which will help to achieve the anticipated effect.

Creative concept

Based on the brand’s corporate identity, we develop a creative concept that reflects the brand’s strong points. Through the visually attractive form, we focus on invoking a positive association, arousing the interest of users and persuading them to perform a specific action.


We can ensure flexible completion deadlines and are capable of adapting to the ever-changing market environment in the Client’s business. Having developed the creative line idea, we can very quickly complete the entire production process, acting as intermediaries in contacts with a media house if required.


Delivering interactive marketing campaigns, we are responsible for the production of many forms that are popular around the Internet. In the era of integration of marketing channels, we very often go beyond the Internet area and develop BTL creative concepts, printed advertisements or TV spots.


We bear in mind the opportunities offered by available technologies, features of devices on which an advertisement will be displayed, as well as the limitations of the specifications of media houses. We know when GIF and when Flash form is preferable. Advertising creative concepts are developed in HTML5 in the case of particular projects.


A/B testing helps us to assess which campaign version is more effective. Having performed such tests, we choose the most efficient line which is then retested to show how particular elements of the creative concept influence the effectiveness of the campaign. All this, to optimise conversion rates.

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From simple animations to TV production


A spot may serve various purposes – to educate the user, to boost sales, to enhance the image or to assist customer service. Thus, while we draft the script, our focus is that film fulfils the specific needs and stays with the viewers for as long as possible.

Motion & Design

The visual character of the spot should result from the content to be transmitted, desired tone of communication as well as the specificity of the target group. Depending on the needs, we apply various animation and video editing techniques, adapting the creative idea to the objectives of a given project.

Comprehensive service

Jamel deals with production in its entirety – starting with script idea, ending with film publication. Whilst cooperating with professional recording studios, we support ourselves with music banks, ensuring the choice of backing music, sound effects or multilingual voice over.


The context the film is to be played in is always taken into account, hence we adapt its message to a particular medium. Contents that work well on the television do not need to be successful on the Internet, in a presentation displayed in a point of sale or within internal corporate communication.

TV spots

We are capable of producing television spots in a much shorter time and at a lower cost than it is the case with standard productions involving actors along with a complete film crew. The TV advertisements involving animation and video editing that we produced have proven equally successful as traditional film spots.

Swift production

Short production time is our distinguishing mark. This is what enables us to respond to a specific event very swiftly and to prepare a dedicated spot. We can also pride ourselves with experience in production of automatically generated films involving databases as main sources of information.

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JAMEL CMS. Made to measure. Fast. Simply.


Before we start working on a website, we help to establish its objectives as well as to define the success criteria. We carry out assessment of the needs of the target group and opt for the concept that allows us to stand out from the competition most effectively. We select the tools that are tailored to the requirements and budget of a given project.


A successful graphic design builds on the great attention we pay to details which seem irrelevant to the average user. Our long-standing experience and the results of usability evaluations which we carry out to support our work on a creative concept, govern the choice of a particular style.


A well-designed interface translates to the level of satisfaction that users derive from their interaction with a brand. To that end, the first thing we consider are the needs of Internet users and the context in which a given functionality is to be used. This guides our choice of solutions.

Reliable CMS

Our Clients value our in-house designed JAMEL CMS for the simplicity of use and high scalability. It is adjusted to the individual requirements of each project. At the same time, it is safe and efficient – we are able to reduce webpage load time even by tens of per cent. We ensure trouble-free hosting.


As browsers’ algorithms will increasingly favour those websites, which a given user finds valuable, we optimise website structure against the operation of browsers – not only in terms of semantics, but – even most importantly – in terms of access to requested content.


Our work is not finished after the launch of a website. We carry out periodical monitoring of the quality of traffic on the website, we examine the completion stage of the established objectives and analyse multichannel paths, after which we perform A/B testing and recommend suitable optimisation changes to be introduced.

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We animate interaction with the brand


The social media strategies we develop are aimed at ensuring maximum level of user interaction with a brand. Gathering as many fans as possible cannot itself constitute the objective.

Horizontal approach

Our focus is to reach valuable audiences. Therefore, we opt for those social networks and tools which will best serve the accomplishment of the objectives of a given idea.


We maintain engaging communication within social network profiles. We generate a valuable dialogue with the brand’s fans. We answer queries, moderate posts and respond to emergency situations.


Not only do we analyse brand profiles, but also its competitive environment in the SM. We examine the reach, the recipient’s profile and their level of engagement. On that basis, we make decisions concerning further actions.


We manage campaigns within social networks. We draw up and optimise advertising creative concepts. We plan and disburse budgets, as well as assess the efficiency and profitability of a campaign.


Where a specific functionality needs to be delivered to users within a community, we develop dedicated apps, which are then integrated with the API of social networks.

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Starting with the strategy, through broadly defined corporate identity, to the production of advertisement materials – we shape the image of a brand.


Providing automatic answers to the most common questions, running competitions and collecting applications — we automate communication via Messenger.

Web Apps

We use technology for marketing activities to provide dedicated solutions or systems to meet specific user needs.


We optimise websites so that they suit mobile users – we prepare a dedicated mobile or RWD version. We produce mobile apps.


Made to measure. Fast. Simply.


Tailored. Fast. Simply.


Made to measure. Fast. Simply.


Made to measure. Fast. Simply.