Automation of the production of advertising forms



There are 16 matches in one round of the Champions League (i.e. 32 teams take part). The objective of our campaign was to reach out to people interested in a specific match with an advertising message.

The campaign, consisting of 15 different display formats (static, HTML5, mp4), was to reach recipients in four countries (four language versions) in two sales variants — with a short and longer message.

In total, it gave 16x15x4x2 = 1,920 advertising forms.


The use of our proprietary JAMEL Automated Campaigns platform has made it possible to shorten the preparation time of such formats to a minimum. Every time changes in betting rates were sent to our platform and included in the update. The key visual used in the creation, where the players of both teams appearing at the stadium were the main focus, assumed variant colour manipulation. Thanks to that, the colours of the stadium, stands and t-shirts were consistent with the colours of the two clubs which the particular banner referred to.


Higher engagement, higher click and conversion rates.

the ability to integrate content from various types of data sources

Key visual

fragment of creation

Differentiation of the message form

The same creative template, but different color variants - depending on the match, which communicates a particular form

Bookmaker's odds

Updated on a regular basis through access to the customer database

Sales message

In different language versions - depending on the country of the campaign's broadcast