Automation of production
Personalised video

Individual spots for over 5000 runners


Gdyński Bieg Niepodległości with PKO Bank Polski enjoys enormous popularity. The organizers asked us to create a unique national souvenir for the participants. An important issue was that each participant felt special.


We created personalized films in which, in addition to the name, time and place occupied, there was also the moment of crossing the finish line. Most importantly, the production of over 5000 spots has been realized in a few hours!


We generated 5,436 films, of which, in the first 48 hours of the campaign, as many as 4049 were viewed (74%!), 417 were shared on social networks, which generated more 7976 recipients and 1356 videos downloaded directly to users' devices.

Movie of the winner of the run

one of 5436 films prepared for the participants

Automated video on YT for Holiday Check


HolidayCheck is one of the world leaders in online travel booking. The client was looking for a new way to make offers more attractive on their website. The ideal tool for this purpose would be videos showing attractions from a given place.

The effectiveness of publishing videos on e-commerce websites has been confirmed by ComScore and Internet Retailer research: those indicated that users who watch a video on a website stay there longer and their propensity to make a purchase increases by 64% to 85%.

However, the company did not add any video materials but only a photo database.


We decided to create our own automated video solution that would allow for preparing video material in full HD quality on the basis of the photos and descriptions of hotels we had.

The service has integrated data from two different sources: an Excel file containing data about the hotel; and a database of photos, on the basis of which the film was created.

For a faster publication, we integrated automated video with a YouTube and Vimeo accounts. Thanks to that, all the films could be automatically placed on the website after being generated.


On the basis of one Excel file and a database of 5,000 photos, our generator prepared almost 290 films in HD quality in a few hours.

Thanks to our application the HolidayCheck channel has been enriched with a lot of content sought by clients, which may be quickly and automatically expanded.

Views of videos prepared using Automated Videos on YouTube on the HolidayCheck.pl profile:

415 000
Intro movie

Automatically generated based on the hotel's name.

Application operation

The generator combines data from 3 sources: an excel file, a photo database and metadata assigned to the film. The result is a movie in mp4 format, which is automatically uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo.

The frame of the film

Pictures are placed in animations on the basis of entries in the database.