Intranet system of Grupa LOTOS


One of the largest companies in Europe faced the challenge of adapting its intranet to new objectives. The dynamically changing needs of users highlighted the gaps in the existing solution. The client needed a more accessible, scalable tool, but one that met high security requirements.


In close co-operation with our client, Grupa LOTOS, we introduced an intranet system based on a proprietary Jamel CMS system. It provides unlimited possibilities of system structure development and personalisation of content for specific groups of recipients. The extensive system of authorisations for administrators makes possible strict control of content available to users.


The solution that we created allowed new recipients to be reached and gave a lot more freedom when using the intranet system. The level of user involvement in content consumption has also increased.


The content of the website and the way the content is displayed is adapted to the context of use and the size of the screen of the device

main page view

Personalized content tailored to the user's preferences and the place of his employment in the organization hierarchy

general view of the subpage

The development of the graphic design of the site included the preparation of individual views for several dozen subpages

mobile view

View of the mobile version of the site, the content of which is adapted to the context of use - including user location and the capabilities of the device he uses