When Twitter is not an option
Mobile chat application


Meritum Bank needed an application for its internal conference that would ensure secure communication between participants. Twitter was presented as a benchmark; however, that solution had a number of disadvantages that prevented its use.

It was important to limit unauthorised access and adapt the solution to mobile devices. The application needed to present the added content in real time and allow for commenting on the events that are currently taking place.

From the point of view of employer branding, it was important to use the visual identity of Meritum Bank.


We decided to create a chat-based application where users can send messages up to 140 characters long. We used RWD to achieve the correct display on mobile devices.

In order to faster access to the chat, we decided to authorise by using the Facebook application. Users who did not have an account there could set up an account manually and upload their avatar from a mobile phone or take a picture using their phone's camera.

A tool for moderating discussions by the administrator has also been prepared.


The project took six business days. During that time we prepared mock-ups, graphic designs and application features, and ensured integration with Facebook.

The conference participants were eager to join the discussion and to comment on the information displayed in the slides.

The average number of messages sent by each user during the conference:

A clear home screen

The application is designed according to the latest design trends and UX.

Registration screen

It gives the opportunity to create an account via Facebook or manually.

Discussion screen

Avatars let you easily identify other interlocutors.