New corporate website


LOTOS Group is the sixth largest company in Central Europe. The Client had a fairly worn-out CMS system at their use. Apart from problems relating to the efficiency of the mechanism and its usability, lotos.pl webpage was characterised by a somewhat archaic layout, which failed to present LOTOS Group as the dynamic and modern company that it is.

The page was not suited to mobile devices either and the information architecture did not make it easier for the users to access the contents they required. The very structure of the page made it difficult to present information regarding the wide spectrum of LOTOS Group's activity. The large number of subsidiaries lead to conflicts between various editorial teams, which sought to display in an attractive manner the contents that were relevant from their perspective.


We decided to move the content to our in-house-designed JAMEL CMS and to design a modern layout. Additionally, the system has been extended by dedicated modules and functionalities. A separate mobile version has also been created.

Information architecture has been simplified. The page has been divided into four independent subsites, where information concerning the company, career in LOTOS Group, CSR activities and investor relations are aggregated.

It was necessary to import over 1000 subpages, which then needed to be embedded in new HTML5 and CSS3 templates. Dedicated enterprise-class hosting ensured proper efficiency of the website.


The new website was very well welcomed by the users. Due to the solutions applied, we succeeded in achieving a 25% increase in UU and a 14% increase in PV/Visit. What is more, bounce rate fell by 17% and webpage load time decreased by 69%. Simplified information architecture and the division into subdomains enabled users to access interesting contents more swiftly.

The dedicated mobile version lead to higher rates of traffic from mobile devices: 29% increase in Visits and 46% increase in PV/Visit.

Owing to solutions that positively affect the SEO, the traffic from browsers has increased and the website's position in SERPs improved.

Implementation time:

77 days

In tile layout. The layout, the colours and tile pictures can be modified freely by means of WYSiWYG editor in JAMEL CMS.

Responsible LOTOS

Different layout and colours corresponding to CSR.

Page section

With the view of the gallery.

Page section

With a view of photo albums.

Map of stations

With the possibility of applying filters.

Investor relations

The entire history of corporate activity displayed as a time line correlating to the diagram indicating the value of the shares of the company.

Landing Page

Of LOTOS Kids mobile app.


Image minisite representing R.E.S.P.E.C.T Index values.