Q&A social network


Trec Nutrition is a leading producer of diet supplements in Poland. The company’s mission is to promote healthy lifestyle. There are many websites on the Net that offer advice concerning workout and supplementation. Unfortunately, the information they provide is often published by people, who are unqualified to give instructions to others.

Trec’s aim was to set up a place where the community of Internet users could ask experts and experienced trainers.


A natural solution that would enable the established goal to be reached by Trec Nutrition was to build a Q&A social network. The webpage was based on our in-house-designed JAMEL CMS, which was complemented by dedicated social functions: notification, comments and activity rankings, just to name a few.

The layout, being based on grid and RWD, allowed the page to be accessed from mobile devices as well. For the purpose of enhancing the page’s appeal, we additionally prepared a dedicated solution allowing users to participate in video sessions with trainers.


Before long, the website became very popular among users. Only during the first month of operation, the website recorded 80,000 visits.

Over 30 days, Internet users asked 762 questions which were answered by 14 trainers. Due to the gamification mechanism, 1407 people were encouraged to open an account on the webpage.

The number of views over the first month of operation:

191,606 PV

On the homepage, apart from recommended articles, most recently asked questions along with the answers are displayed.

Hangout video

The users may engage in real-time video chats.

Trainer page

Each trainer has their page on the website.


Divided into weekly, monthly, annual and all-time rankings.